Write essay based on interview

In the world there are a huge number of schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Each country also has its own training system, which is similar to others, but also has its differences. And if the differences are usually minor, then the total is much larger. For example, one of the most common tasks is an essay. This is a prose in which a student demonstrates his knowledge of the subject or speaks about his thoughts on this or that question.

Such a task is common for several reasons. Firstly, it develops in students not only writing skills, but also helps to develop self-awareness, the ability to formulate one’s own opinion and one’s own thoughts. These skills can be useful in later life, so you do not just write the text; thanks to this work you also develop many additional useful skills. The second reason for the popularity of essays in schools and other educational institutions is the opportunity to test the knowledge of each student. Instead of asking several students during the lesson, the teacher is easier to give homework so that each student can speak.

Essay can not only be homework. Such a task is also often given on exams or upon admission to an educational institution. Essays for the exam or for homework do not differ from each other. They differ only in that their homemade essay is a little easier to write, since you have more time and no stressful situation.

At the exam you may be told to write essay based on interview or on some article. This is much more important to do, since you need to have time to analyze the text, and then write an essay. It is important to remember that you cannot spend a minute of time. Carefully read the article several times, remember the main points, then make a short plan of your future essay. These can be keywords, phrases, or just questions for each paragraph. This scheme will help you write a structured and logical text the first time. So you can be sure that you did not miss anything in the process of writing the text. Remember also that it is very important to write an interesting and attractive introduction, and also it is important to write a good conclusion. In the introduction, you can write a topic of your essay and a few phrases that will attract the attention of your reader. In conclusion, draw conclusions about the work you have done, write your opinion on this topic, and also figure out how to get your reader to think about the importance of the topic of your essay. Your goal is not only to interest your reader, but also to make him reflect on your ideas, on your thoughts and conclusions. Do not forget that there should be no mistakes in your essay if you want to get a good grade. Therefore, check your essay carefully before giving it to the teacher.

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